3p3, s.r.o.
Wüchterlova 20
160 00 Praha 6
e-mail info@3p3.cz


The 3p3 company provides highly professional services in hotel industry and related events including expert consultancy.

The company´s success is based on its specialized, top-quality team whose common denominator is proficiency, professionalism, long-term experience and great dedication to work.

We aim to build net of high quality cafés that will be the oases of tranquility with long-term perspective.

Our vision

To bring our clients, who are always in the forefront of our attention, real added value, and to be their efficient strategic partner in the hotel industry. Our crucial variable is the quality reflected in product and services portfolio same as the ambience. Naturally we don´t forget about accessible prices.


Our business concentrates on 3 areas - ambience, goods and services.

AMBIENCE - we base on cozy atmosphere that caress the soul, enables to forget everyday stress and brings pleasant mood.

GOODS - all the products offered are made from premium and fresh ingredients.

SERVICES - our service is quick, warming, based on "Every time smilingly" motto.